Meet Thiago Castro

Hello. My name is Thiago, and thank you so much for visiting this blog. I am here to share great stories and tips about travel in the hopes of making your next journey a success. It is a pleasure to have you here.

I currently live in London, UK, and I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I know, you may be asking why I have left such a great city, and I say: because I now live in another great one. But let me tell you a bit more about my journey.

Rio is an amazing city, but it has its challenges, you know. I worked in different travel and technology companies in commercial and customer service roles. I gained remarkable experiences and an understanding of what the travelers were looking for on their trips. This was something that was always at the top of my mind. Small details make a big difference, right? But advancing in my career was proving to be challenging, and the struggle was real. So I decided it was time for a new adventure.

I came to the UK to take a Master’s degree in Air Transport Management. I had the curiosity, and I wanted to win, but it was hard at first. Being away from home, in the cold (I am still a tropical boy at heart), and writing essays in different languages asked a lot from me. But I persevered, graduated, and lined up jobs even before I had the graduation certificate in my hands.

I felt proud and felt good. I started working in consulting in travel, helping big companies manage their corporate travel programs. Hence, the idea for this blog. I met so many lovely people in the industry, and I gained so much knowledge, so I thought about ways I could share all that information with you.

Travel has always been a passion of mine. I traveled to 30 countries, hundreds of cities, had one of the best education in the field, worked with incredible people in fantastic companies, and I wanted to combine all that in this blog.

I want to help you have a fantastic experience while you travel, either for business or leisure, and ensure that you are always the best version of yourself while away from home. I will be sharing hacks, facts, and curiosities about the industry to allow you to make the best decision when you hit the road.

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Thank you!

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Biz Travel Hacks will be your companion during your trip. I hope our articles provide you with the best strategies to make your trip a success.

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