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Don’t skip this article. I am not going to convince you to become vegan simply by using vegan products. 

That’s not the point. However, my point is that there are vegan products that you can embrace and start using daily and whenever you travel. And these vegan products are more sustainable with the same or superior quality. So, in this article, I’m going to show you the benefits of vegan travel products and how they can make your trip greener.

And the reason why I decided to write about is the perception of traveling in style had always been a thing, right? But in the golden age of aviation, you would dress up nice, wearing your best dress or suit… hats and stoles… smoking cigars and cigarettes onboard….

Really? Was it a thing? Can you imagine?

Flying was indeed a symbol of status because tickets were pretty unaffordable to most people. At that time, the concept of green travel or vegan products were yet to be born.

But with the  deregulation of the airline industry in the late 70s, more competition amongst airlines, and advances in technology, flying had become much cheaper.

Though let us be honest. Now that you can fly much further, much cheaper, and more often, you also want to look cool but in a comfortable way. Hence, why not try a more environmental-friendly vegan product?

You don’t want to get to the end of your trip with swollen feet due to the wrong choice of shoes, do you? And did those tight jeans get tighter after meal onboard? Moreover, did your brand new bag get destroyed after so many flight connections?


With the advances in research and technology, these environmental-friendly and vegan products are now being made of the most different materials: pineapple leaves, cork, recycled plastic…. hemp.

Finally, they are looking super trendy because companies are really investing in design and quality. Above all, we are way past the time when these vegan products looked cheap or deteriorated after the first week of use. Above all, you are going to look very cool and elegant, being nice to the planet too.

But why vegan products for travel?

We cause impacts on the planet. Period. Regardless if we buy bread, if we take an Uber, if you watch a match of your favorite team or if we want to buy a Beyonce T-shirt. And we are all in this together.

It’s now time for us to make it a little better.

But Thiago, air travel emits too much pollution. It does, but not comparable to other industries. Believe it or not, air travel is responsible for 2% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While the automotive industry is responsible for 9%, the textile industry 10%, and the livestock production with anything between 14% to 18%. 

Reusable Face Mask

However, the airline industry has made commitments to continue to seek improvements in fuel-efficient aircraft and new technology to reduce emissions by 2050. Additionally, it is also starting to fly aircraft with biofuels, and it aims to widely adopt it when production is scaled up.

If we really want to tackle GHG emissions top-down, we need to think about military operations. They the highest pollutants on the planet, but we are going to address them at another time.

However, if we think about the textile and livestock industries, we can make an immediate impact there. Not only through the reduction in animal husbandry but also because vegan products are cruelty-free.

So regardless if you travel by plane, bus, ferry, bike, or don’t travel all it, these products can be easily incorporated into your life. And consequently, minimize even further our impact on the planet.


I know you also separate and recycle your trash, right?

And you avoid buying single-use plastic products, right?

Because you also take your own bags you go shopping, right?

We are watching you. 🙂 

There is some really cool stuff available now. And these products can be a good fit for your next business and leisure travel. Click below through the products the products to check where you are taking them on your next trip.

The best vegan briefcases for your travel

Corkor Cork Briefcase

As you can see, this is a briefcase made of cork with a shoulder strap. You can easily fit your laptop and some clothes for a short trip. It is also functional for commuting. Additionally, it is water-resistant in case you are traveling to a rainy city. The brand makes a pledge to build products that are made to last a long time, and they offer them in briefcase and messenger versions.

In summary, they are practical, popular, and a nice addition to your travel kit.

You should give it a try!

Swede Slim Laptop Bag

This is a very cool design with a rubberized touch with fashion accessories that make them a brilliant option for everyday use and travel. And you can carry them as handbags, purses, shoulder bags or cross-body laptop bags for both men and women. The bag has a comfortable padded shoulder strap in nylon that can be detached.

It has one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen.

Click and find out!

VEGAN LEATHER BRIEFCASEThis briefcase is so elegant. It is a practical business messenger bag for both men and women. Perfect for carrying laptops, notebook, files, and essential accessories while working or travel. Furthermore, it makes a popular bag amongst professional and office executives. 
You will look very professional in every meeting you walk in with this bag with you. 85% of customers rate it 4/5 stars. Overall, the bag looks really cool

It’s worth checking it.
The must-have vegan backpacks for your travel

Kenneth Cole Backpack Pack Vegan Leather

Not only it is a vegan backpack, but it also includes an anti-theft radio frequency identification technology. It prevents your passport and credit card details from being stolen. You know that there are devices that can read this information by approximation, right? The backpack has a durable, grainy faux leather exterior with a tear-resistant and fully lined interior.

Singularly, it’s a valuable and unique product.

Take a look!

This one has a classier look with a typical design for you to carry your laptop and other devices. Additionally, you can adjust the backpack for a more slim feel as you want. Plus, it brings two hidden anti-theft pockets for your valuable stuff. It has nylon lining with a snap closure.

It looks beautiful. See for yourself.

Great eco-friendly duffle bags for your next trip

Hero Weekender Duffle Bag

This is a canvas luxury duffel bag with vegan leather stripes. It is a typical weekender bag with the correct amount of space for a comfortable and convenient short-trip. It is also fashionable for men and women, and 94% of their customers rate it 4 or 5 stars. This bag has large internal storage and space for shoes if you want to bring another pair for a special occasion or exercise.

As a result, it is a stylish bag.

You don’t want to miss it.

This is a brilliant option for those who are looking for price and design. Its vegan leather is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and made of lightweight synthetic material. With that, you can use warm soapy water to clean it. This bag is plane-friendly, and consequently, you can take it with you on board. Additionally, you will take this bag with you for the weekend and quick trips.
It has outstanding customer reviews, and you carry everything you need in it.

Check it out!

This is a canvas and faux-leather bag is a very stylish option for those who want to move away from the monocromatic pastel tones. It is a carry on bag for flying that doubles as a gym, overnighter or weekender bag. It comes in various color and design options. It is a very popular option with reviews rating 4/5 stars in 94% of the time. Very versatile option for the both regular and sporadic traveler.

See for yourself!

The best vegan shoes for the next time you hit the road

Olukai Nohea Moku shoes

This is a cute pair of shoes made of canvas and rubber. It has a nautical design in mind, however I believe it will be perfect for your journey. It has breathable fabric with an elastic lace closure that is ideal for long journeys. Additionally, the product has a smart casual design allowing you to conformably reach your final destination with elegance. They are marked for men however they can easily be used by both genders.

I am sure you have seen them around.

Give it a go!

Ok. These are boots. And many people travel in boots. But the great thing about these vegan boots is that they have a zipper on the side, so it is easy to put them on and take them off. Dr. Marteens is a well-renowned brand with great products in the market. These boots have air-cushioned soles that come quite handy if you are walking around for a long day. Additionally, they give you that edgy-urban look, and its all-black silhouette surely composes a beautiful look.

This is also on my list!

Tell me what you think.

A bit controversial, but if you have a bit of extra space in your cabin bag, those slippers will come around really handy for long-haul flights. Picture yourself heading to the bathroom a few hours into service. Or maybe you just want to walk around a bit to stretch out a bit.

Why not?

The indispensable travel accessories you need for your travel

You can also have a great opportunity to re-educate yourself to reduce the amount of plastic on your day-to-day life. There is a wide range of products that are plastic-free or vegan that help you be kinder to our planet. Find out below some of the products that can help you be have a more sustainable travel.

This Sleep Eye mask is made with an adjustable strap and  100% lyocell from organic bamboo. It has a certified eco-green fabric and it is produced using a sustainable closed-loop system that produces no harmful byproducts. It keeps your eyes cool approximately 2 degrees cooler and wicks away moisture. 

Moreover, it contains thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, breathable material. With nose baffle and updated design, it keeps your eyes in pitch-black darkness and blocks light. Additionally, with a smooth skin silky texture is gentle on delicate skin. It contains green & vegan textile that doesn’t hurt animals.

This bamboo neck pillow has the perfect construction to support your comfort on long-haul flights. It is manufactured from memory foam and additionally covered in unique 40% bamboo 60% rayon fabric whilst keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

It contains hypoallergenic neck support where bamboo fabrics produce fewer allergens. So, they are a viable alternative for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. This neck pillow also offers neck support for any means of travel: road trip, flight or just sleeping at home.

This mineral and organic sunscreen lotion contains non-nano zinc oxide, actively providing broad-spectrum uva/UVB protection. However, without a white cast. Additionally, it is formulated with an antioxidant-rich plant protection complex and water-resistant lotion that offers sheer, non-greasy hydration. Plus, it’s reef-friendly! In effect, this product is non-GMO, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, reef-friendly, and 100% recyclable plant-based tubes sourced from sugar cane. It is also fragrant-free.


Unlike most beauty products, this dead sea mask is free of irritating, potentially dangerous chemicals. Moreover, with green tea extracts that care for the skin and relieve irritation along with the avocado extracts, you are assured that your skin feels cared for and moisturized in no time.

This mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The dead sea mud will remove excess oils, dirt, and toxins leaving a clean and smooth skin complexion. Additionally, it reduces pores, blackheads, and acne, giving you vibrant skin that boosts your beauty and confidence.

It accelerates natural exfoliation, draws out toxins and impurities, controls oiliness, and restores ph balance. In essence, all of these work benefits together to make it effective acne, pore tightening, and reducer of blackhead.

This mud mask comes with a free mask brush & blackhead extractor to make your experience clean, easy, and convenient. Enjoy a helpful soft brush to allow for a perfectly smooth and steady application.


This combo of shampoo and conditioner brings great value due to its natural components

Argan oil is known for its ability to help hair restore, enhance and grow. In effect, it is a natural moisturizer that will help repair, dry, brittle, and damaged hair from blow drying, flat ironing, and sun exposure.

The products are designed for all hair types. Artnaturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner set is for both men and women, straight or curly hair, blondes or brunettes.

It has a restorative formula where the natural and organic ingredients help repair hair damage and prevent any effects from heat and styling. Hydrating minerals and oils work to hydrate the hair and scalp. It is deeply moisturizing and additionally, it will wash away all of the excess oils and dirt from your hair.

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush with Travel Toothbrush Case & Charcoal Dental Floss

This is a perfect pack of 4 charcoal bamboo toothbrushes, charcoal, and mint-essence dental floss in its own glass jar. Additionally, you have a bamboo toothbrush case for easy, clean, and neat storage and travel. This 100% natural dental kit is gentle enough to be used by all members of the family to improve and maintain oral hygiene.

The toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced materials that are soft & springy to use, so you won’t damage your gums with harsh brushing. Moreover, the charcoal mint dental floss cleans hard-to-reach areas of the mouth to maintain healthy gums. Nevertheless, the bamboo charcoal fiber bristle helps to remove stains from teeth and keep them sparkling and white.

The kit only uses organic, responsibly sourced natural materials for our dental care pack. The bamboo toothbrushes, dental floss, and bamboo travel holder are all additive, coloring, and BPA-free. In addition, they are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, so they’re better for you and better for the planet too.


In conclusion, there are many opportunities to be a bit more eco-conscious and consequently minimize the impact on our planet.

If you need to travel in style, I would probably recommend you to invest in the Swede Slim Laptop Bag, the LXY Vegan Leather Backpack, the Hero Weekender Duffle Bag and the Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Boots.

But, if you are looking for comfort, check out the corker cork briefcase, the Kenneth Cole Backpack Pack Vegan Leather, and the Hemoon Unisex Waterproof Slippers Soft Faux-Fur.

On the other hand, if you are looking for price, look out for Vegan Leather Briefcase, the Jackson Unisex Vegan Leather bag, and the Olukai Nohea Moku shoes. Make sure you go through the links to find more information.

For the essentital travel kits, you can start using on your day-to-day lives and start reducing the impact on the planet.

Go vegan!

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